Alpine Trail Press Ltd. got its start as Unique Gifter, back in 2012. Since then, the website portfolio has grown, shifted and changed. We look forward to continuing the adventure!

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re a diverse lot and like it that way. Between the owners and the freelancing team, we cover off a large portion of alphabet city – 2SLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. Diversity of thought, experience, culture and geography makes us and the work we produce better.

We are particularly fond of the fact we are a part of building financial stability for trans and enby freelancers, people groups who have pretty horrendous employment statistics in Canada.

Related – we do NOT do any unpaid trials or articles. Our freelancer vetting process is paid. [Note: we are not currently recruiting.]

So far, our team, at various times, includes: neurodiversity, single parents, blended families, non-anglophones, spoonies, university graduates, students, people without high school diplomas, opera lovers (ick!), and a whole host of traits that make us whole humans.

How else do we show up as a diverse and inclusive organization? We actively work to include a broad range of humanity in our graphic design, and in the range of topics we cover.

Progress pride flag with intersex represented


Ensuring our websites are accessible is a work in progress, as we learn more and work through updating our archives. Please grant us grace as we include and improve alt text, transcription and colour-blind friendly palettes, which are our current accessibility priorities. Should you come across something we should address, please contact us via the appropriate website in our portfolio.